"What fun to be a cat!"

Christopher Morley
American Writer

Into the Bath

Digger getting his ears cleanned.

Because of our years of experience, we understand how to properly bathe a cat. Cat bathing requires different techniques and products than dog bathing.

We always bath in comfortably warm water. Our bath is always in comfortably warm water. Typically, we'll start with a cleansing shampoo to degrease and remove oil and dirt. We also express the anal glands at this stage. We rinse thoroughly and follow with a hypoallergenic tearless shampoo on their head and face ( if they'll tolerate it ).

We finish up with a conditioning shampoo to leave a wonderful soft coat. All products are cat-safe.

We rinse, rinse, rinse, until all residue is removed. The result is a squeaky clean coat that is soft, fluffy, and a pleasure to touch.

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