"The cat: an animal thatís so unpredictable, you can never tell in advance how it will ignore you the next time."

Rvan Eser
American humorist


Blow Drying

Digger enjoying a nice blow-dry after his bath.

Proper drying is an essential part of the bathing process. Wet bathed cats ( especially long-hairs ) should never be allowed to just air dry. The result can be a matted coat that is in worse shape than when we started.

We use a forced air dryer specifically made for pet grooming. It blows a large volume of air ( much more than your dryer made for humans ) warmed to a comfortable temperature.

Drying by a forced warm air dryer does more than merely dry the coat. Blow drying helps straighten the coat, detangles, blows loose dead coat off the body and helps in the dematting process. We do all this with the cat wrapped in a towel in front of us. We're always very careful not to over-stress or frighten the cat with the dryer and never blow air into the cats face — they hate that!

Most importantly, your cat will never be left unattended under a cage drier. Cage drying ( where air is blown into a cage bearing the cat ) is a great labor and time saver for the average groomer. They can work on another pet while yours is drying. For your cat's safety and comfort, we prefer to work through the drying step as quickly as possible and to always be personally attending your cat while he/she is with us.

Notice that the cat in this photo is not tied up with a groomer's noose, muzzled or held with anything other than our arms. We use a minimal amount of restraining while working with cats, so they feel secure but not trapped. The cats tell us they appreciate it!

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