The Purrfection Bath Treatment


Sleek, clean, black cat

Even short-haired cats can develop oily build-up, scaly dandruff, and excess hair. Just look at how much came off of this little guy?

The Purrfection Bath Treatment is the perfect solution.

scared kitty in a bath tub


Outside the cat show world, the bathing of cats is still not widely practiced or even known! The number one question people ask is, "How do you bathe a cat?!" The answer? With a little patience and a lot of empathy.

A better question might be, Why bathe a cat at all? Don't they bathe themselves with their own tongues? Well, of course they try, just how clean could you keep this fellow with just one little tongue?

More and more people are living inside with their cats and have discovered the pleasure of a soft, plush, clean kitty sleeping on their pillow!

On the following pages, we’ll explain why cats benefit from bathing and show you the process, step by step.

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