"A dog will flatter you, but you have to flatter the cat."

George Mikes
Hungarian-born, British author

No Hard Feelings

At the end of Purrfection Cat Grooming's bath treatment, your cat and her groomer are usually still friends. One of the nicest things about mobile cat grooming is that we normally bring the kitty back into the house, so we get to see how the cat behaves back in their home. People who have had their cat groomed elsewhere in the past will tell us the cat would run into the house and hide (pout) for hours. By contrast, our kitties will often show off ( we call it Vogueing ) walking back and forth in front of their owners talking, tails straight up in the air. Then they'll usually go grab a snack and a nap.

You can see there aren't any hard feelings from this fellow!

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