"When a Cat adopts you there is nothing to be done about it except to put up with it until the wind changes."

T. S. Eliot
American Poet, playwright,
publisher, literary & social critic

"OMG! I'm so excited about this mobile grooming service. I've been trying to find a groomer to do my persian cat for months with no luck. Apparently, cats aren't worth the time to most groomers.

Finally, I found Purrfection. They specialize in cat grooming and best of all it's mobile. They drove up in a snazzy little bus and I took my bundle of fur inside. It was so cool.

The grooming itself was outstanding, he got not only a bath, but an excellent hair trim, nails, ears, the works. Oh and he smelled wonderful when he was done.

The groomer was really caring about cats and very knowledgeable. Give them a call, I highly recommend them."

Saved. Thanks!

Betty A.


Why Cats Need Bathing


Cat bathing benefits the cat and owner

The notion is still shocking to some people. Bathing cats? Ridiculous! Yet, if they had ever had the opportunity to stroke the fur of a show cat prepared for exhibition, they would understand instantly.

Bathing benefits the cat by removing loose shedding hair, skin clogging excess oils and dirt and by preventing matting. Their owners benefit by less hair on their furniture, fewer hairballs in the house and a cat that feels and smells wonderful.

Cats Don't Really Hate Water

Amongst the many silly myths about cats, the one about cats hating water rises to the top. Having given literally thousands of cat baths, we understand that cats don't hate water; they just hate being wet and cold!

Cats Don't Really Wash Themselves

That cats "wash themselves" is a notion with which we've all grown up. We can see it with our own eyes, watching them carefully licking themselves. In reality, all that licking isn't grooming, it's just licking! Cats lick themselves primarily to keep themselves cool. It's a cooling mechanism. They swallow a lot of loose hair in the process ( swallowed cat fur is irritating to the bowel ) and flatten the hair out, but they can't get a little tongue to carefully remove mats and tangles, dispose of dead loose fur, degrease themselves, and arrange the coat beautifully. And a little cat saliva just can't compare to the power of special cat cleaning products and gallons of warm water.

Cats Are Oily

Just like the myth about cats and water, the notion that cats are fastidiously clean by nature endures. The reality is they produce oil in their skin which transfers to the hair. Cat skin oil is heavy, greasy stuff. Don't think slippery, like motor oil. Think sticky, like axle grease or powdered candle wax. As oil builds up in the coat, the hair becomes sticky, shedding hair won't release from the coat and everything collects dust, dirt and dander. Severely afflicted cats suffer from clogged pores, flaky dandruff, seborrhea, "stud tail," and matting.

Now, go take a moment and give your cat some long, firm, loving strokes down his back. Go all the way to her tail, if they'll let you. Really get your fingers in there and give a good shoulder massage. Repeat. Now rub your fingers together and observe how they feel. Do they feel like you've been handling bacon? Then your kitty needs a bath!

Regular Bathing Reduces Visible Shedding

All cats shed hair — lots of hair! Even short haired cats shed. The major seasons for shedding are Spring and Fall, but cats shed all year round. Our bath treatment includes blow drying and lots of combing, both of which remove loose shed hair. With regular bathing, you'll notice a sharp reduction of cat fur on your furniture, clothing, and carpets.

Human Cat Allergies

Most people with cat allergies aren't allergic to the cat hair. They are allergic to a specific protein in cat saliva. As your tabby licks herself she deposits a lot of saliva into her coat, which dries and cools her. As cat saliva builds up and concentrates in your unwashed kitty's coat, it combines with microscopic dander particles which float in the air and deposit on surfaces. Bathing helps remove the dried saliva and dander and often helps greatly reduce cat allergy problems.

So, lets start with this guy and follow him through a complete Purrfection bath treatment.

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